While some occasions call for more thoughtful gifting than others, no one wants a gift that has rolled off the shelves of a store. Giving unique and personal gifts add value to the occasion and are very likely to find a permanent spot in someone’s home.

Here’s how you pick gifts that not only look expensive but also express a lot of emotion.

A gift that no one else can give

Jewellery Box by Store Indya

Gifting is just another way to show people how much you appreciate and love them. So even if you gift an item that is store bought, there’s always a way to personalize it and make it your own.

Perhaps, a gift they can’t do without 

Coffee Mugs by Store Indya

You can never go wrong with a gift that makes your loved ones smile every morning. If you’re buying for someone who seems to have everything, then gift them something they can’t have enough of.

Unusual but Useful

spectacle holders

Quirky designs are the latest way to gift people things that not only lighten their mood every time they see it but also make their lives a lot easier. And nothing says eye catching designs better than our spectacle holders. (Pun intended)

Something Desired

Diaries by Store Indya

A vintage leather journal with a meaningful note written inside is a great gift for the artists and writers in your life. An item surely worthy of a stationery collection, personal diaries are a gift that you can’t help but love.

Something one-of-a-kind.

Studio Pottery

The ultimate present for that special person in your life, lies in a gift that is as unique and exclusive as they are. The craft of Studio-pottery, apart from being relatively inexpensive also ensures that each product is one of its kind.

A blast from the past 

Game Boxes by Store Indya

For those of you who have spent hours of your childhood playing a certain game, this gift is definitely worth the buy. Pick up a vintage version of the games you loved and be sure to play it the next time you meet up with your friends.

The Timeless

Photo Frames by Store Indya

While expensive gifts impress people, it's the thoughtful ones that warm the heart and make a lasting impression. Gifts that convey a lot of meaning are very unlikely to get tossed off and have more chances of finding a permanent place in someone’s heart.