A new apartment calls for new furniture.  And picking new furniture is anything but easy. Trends, tastes and moods will fluctuate leaving you with limited funds and a style that wears off after a few months. To make the process a little less taxing, we’ve created a guide on when to spend and when to consider the cheaper option.

Fall in love with the little pieces

Soapstone Owl Coasters

If it's love at first sight, then it's worth the purchase. When buying expensive pieces choose the ones you can carry with you or relocate each time you re-design your home. The same vase that looked good in living room will work just as perfectly in a freshly modeled kitchen.

Home accents work like assets

Tray and rug


Home accents like art and craft add individuality and personality to your home revealing a lot about your identity. Find pieces that truly speak to you and you will have furniture that adds immense value to your home.

Balance the right textures.

Mango wood tray

Some patterns add a more exclusive and elegant touch to your home than others. Whether you choose to spend the extra bucks or not, go for different textures that exude class.

Get thrifty with bulky furniture

Owl Stool by Store Indya

While choosing larger cabinets, sofa sets or even dining tables, try searching for products at your local shopping sites. When changing homes or renovating, it would be easier to let go of bulky furniture that came at a lesser price.

Bring your own style

cookbook stand

Every piece does not have to match every other piece in the room. Start with one accent piece and work your way around it till you find the absolutely right set for your home.