20 Thanksgiving Gifts You’d Surely Fall For

20 Thanksgiving Gifts You’d Surely Fall For

Every Thanksgiving, people come together to express gratitude. Especially to those who host the evening for us with that delicious pie or saucy turkey. This Thanksgiving, show appreciation and give your host something worth remembering.
We understand that choosing a gift can be complicated. So, to save time and add a little warmth to the day, Store Indya brings you some finely crafted products that will etch onto someone’s heart.

So, let the scroll begin.

1. Wine Bottle Holder

While the wine bottle holder meets the storage needs, it also adds symmetry to the decor. This rack can hold six bottles. Besides, as it’s stored horizontally, the cork stays moist all along. It is always in demand because the metal and its construction make it portable and lightweight. It’s ideal for kitchen countertops, coffee tables, or shelves. An additional protective zinc layer prevents it from rusting and extends its shelf life. Thanks to its exquisite craftsmen ship, this wrought iron wine bottle holder can be found in every home today. This makes for a great gift for Thanksgiving!

2. Wooden Serving Tray

How can one add a little flair to every serving?
Our hand-carved wooden breakfast tray is an exquisite craft to watch out for! Built of durable mango wood, the tray has a pleasing shape. Our artists know how to create wonders out of strong and quality woods. Moreover, it boasts an enhanced protective finish that doubles to add a lustrous look.

3. Dome Shaped serving Platter

This dome in walnut finish adds a traditional touch to celebrations. With its thick wood, it offers a firm grip and an attractive appearance. The dome shape prevents festive treats from falling off when tilted. Its unique polish doesn’t wear off even when the dome is brushed and cleaned. As it is water-resistant, durable, and chemically resistant to insects and fungi, the mango wood serving tray boasts a long life cycle.

4. Wooden Tea Box

What keeps a cranberry hibiscus tea aromatic for long?
The way it is stored!
Presenting Store Indya’s handmade wooden tea box, a popular artistic piece, for hot beverage lovers. A token of Indian artistry, the box doesn’t compromise on function. It’s six internal compartments allow for organized storage of six different types of tea leaves. The sturdy mango wood lid pairs with spring fitted hinges that work to keep the aroma intact even after multiple opens. Bring this artwork home and revive the legacy.

5. Spectacle Holder

This wooden specs holder prevents one from losing the glasses, but more than that, it’s a uniquely crafted piece of art. The pattern of this holder grips the glass and prevents it from falling.The sleek black color gives the design an eye-catching look. Create a quirky look for home as our wood spectacle holder sits as the main attraction.

6. Set of 3 Ceramic Mugs

Mugs are back this season! Pour some of the best coffee or mocktails in these ceramic mugs. No matter how hot or cold it is, the durable mugs allow for everyday domestic use.
These thick ceramic mugs are heat resistant and relatively lightweight which makes them microwave-friendly. Say cheers to Thanksgiving with the best mugs.

7. Kitchen Storage Jar

Our Wooden Jar is a perfect storage solution and doubles as the right gift for Thanksgiving day. There’s nothing more festive than a handmade gift for essential use. Its symmetrical design makes it suitable for any tabletop, corner, or coffee table. The large and deep storage lets one store anything. This wooden storage jar keeps items safe with thick wood and a heavy lid that keeps weight at the bottom jar.

8. Photo frame

This rustic grey photo frame is the best item to add a vintage look against a contemporary wall or side table. Crafted in Saharanpur village, the design speaks of the craftsmen’s age old carving style. The unique finish of the unbreakable mango wood makes this photo frame waterproof. The back support makes sure the angle of the frame is right. This turkey day, give this memory frame to friends, colleagues, and family.

9. Wooden Hand Mirror

We made this hand mirror to make anyone feel just how beautiful they are! With this wooden hand mirror, one can carry it to the office, a party, or any gathering. Small in size, it easily gets in a bag, allowing one to carry this around without being noticed.

10. Wooden Wall cross

Take time to appreciate what God has given us this Thanksgiving. In keeping with the spirit of each festive occasion, here is a selection of hand-carved Wall-Hanging Crosses. 

The enchanting floral patterns make this wooden wall cross unique and attractive. It makes for the perfect present for spiritual gatherings, religious celebrations, church, friends, and family. Buy one now and give it to someone who will appreciate it. 

11. Ceramic Serving Bowl

Salads taste better when served in our handmade serving ware. We are offering a perfect bringing in the home of those who love to cook and serve. The glazed finish on the inside and outside of this ceramic serving bowl makes it easy to clean and maintain. The bowl is microwave safe since it is designed for high temperatures. Now a true fan of cooking would know the value of such a thing. So, don’t wait any longer, order this serving bowl and enjoy the best discounts!

12. Cushion Covers

Had a rough day? Slip into the pillows and get a good night’s sleep. This also makes it a great holiday gift for someone who enjoys soft fabrics! 

Store Indya offers a collection of Cushion Covers made from soft and pure cotton fabric. With these covers, one can create an aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere at home. Each thread is made from the finest cotton, which gives the fabric a very strong feel. This bedding accessory is a thoughtful gift!

13.  Classic dominoes game

Make the special gathering more memorable with our handmade Wooden Dominoes Game Set. The classic game is a cherished tradition stemming from centuries. This board set comes with a box and 28 double rectangular dice pieces. Every piece is made of durable mango wood. The brass coating prevents the material from decaying and prevents bacterial growth. While most wood pieces lose their shine, this one maintains a glossy finish. Take a step ahead and enter the game zone with our Wooden dominoes game set.

14. Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

There’s no denying that this simple game can engage us for hours at length! Besides its enjoyable gameplay, its appealing design is too difficult to ignore. The Square Game Box is a work of art. Its wood texture and finesse make it popular among board game enthusiasts. Whether with friends, children, or family, this tic tac toe game is a show-stealer in every moment.

15. Shut The Box Game

Originally from France, this classic Math Board Game has been played for centuries. Those with a knack for math puzzles love the wooden shut the box game. Gift this vintage game to friends and colleagues who enjoy a competitive game during office or study breaks. As more and more players join to roll the dice the more interesting the game becomes.

16. Coasters

No more surface cleanups, get our hand-carved Wooden Coasters to keep work areas stain free. These highly absorbent rosewood coasters boast intrinsic carving to make for an appealing look. Eco Conscious crusaders will definitely fall for these coasters as they are not only recyclable but biodegradable as well. Take a look!

17. Trinket Dish

Need gift ideas for someone who keeps losing coins and rings? Try our new Trinket dish. These are perfect for keeping those little things that matter organized. This is an ideal thanksgiving day gift for brother, dads, and co-workers. A mustache-designed serving platter is a hit at any party or housewarming.

18. Jewelry Box

More than jewelry items, the box is the most searched item! Here is Store Indya’s exclusive collection of Jewelry Boxes. Women scour for cases that look elegant in their dressing rooms. In this trinket box, earrings, scrunchies, rings, and other accessories stay dry and safe from water. It is made from wood that is highly moisture resistant and antibacterial. These advantages are enhanced when they are combined with fine Indian craftsmanship. This wooden jewelry box is an ideal gift for any woman who is fond of wearing and storing her precious jewelry. 

19. Wooden Pen Holder

We’re talking about storage, so here’s another one – The Pencil Box. Perfect for corporates and formal gatherings, the soothing design of the box makes it apt for offices. Its sleek design has a place to store business cards and pens. The wooden pencil box in floral design is extremely lightweight hence even cleaning a work area doesn’t take a toll. It’s a perfect gift for a boss or  colleagues.

20. Leather Journals

Take a look at our stunningly crafted key-lock diary made exclusively for individuals. Suitable for writers and poetry lovers, it is both compact and portable. The pages are made from recyclable cotton and do not contain harmful dyes or colors. Unlock new ideas and pen down your 2022 resolutions with this Handmade Journal.  

Happy Thanksgiving!
To make this turkey day special, these handpicked gifts are the ones that anyone can always count on. From home decor to space-saving accessories, every item is only available in Store Indya. We hope to make your Thanksgiving worth remembering!

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